Senior System Engineer

System Engineering/ DevOps
Our client is a USA company that is looking for a Senior System Engineer to maintain its SaaS services, customers’ cloud servers, the company’s website, and other infrastructure. A successful candidate will be a highly qualified, reliable, and forward-thinking specialist experienced in system administration, cloud engineering, databases, scalability, and security. This is an independent contractor position.

Azure, AWS, Google cloud knowledge
Kubernetes, containerization, load balancing skills
PostgreSQL/MSSQL administration, backup/recovery experience
Microsoft 365 knowledge
Monitoring, security, logging skills 

As advantage:
Microsoft Exchange
DRM technologies experience
Video streaming technologies experience
Some programming knowledge, e.g. Python 3, shell, PowerShell
Presto SQL/HIVE experience
AWS Athena experience

Company offers:
Daily training/onboarding by all relevant departmental personnel
Long-term collaboration on a contractor basis 
Working on Digital Rights Management and Content Security projects for the entertainment, enterprise, and hospitality industries.
Occasionally visiting trade shows 


Cloud engineering: 
Design and deploy multi-cloud computing environments
Work with AWS/EC2/S3
Work with Google cloud 
Work with Azure cloud
Kubernetes clusters maintenance in a managed environment
DNS/Load balancing/cloud networking support
Manage Microsoft 365

System Administration: 
Perform system administration tasks in Windows environment, Active Directory
Perform system administration tasks in Linux environment
Support company website
Design and implement monitoring systems
Design and implement containerized application deployment workflow
Support backup/recovery procedures

Database Administration
Manage and support SQL Server database
Manage and support PostgreSQL/MySQL databases
Backup/recovery procedures, disaster recovery understanding, and planning
Database data maintenance
Developers’ support performing database-related tasks

System Design
Create and support security policies for managing distributed web system
Design highly available, low latency. globally distributed web systems both in-cloud and on-premises
Design effective log collection and data exchange policies
Design and support monitoring, statistics, and log data collection systems

Full-time job on B2B contract.
Salary: 4000-8000 Eur/ gross monthly
Send your CV with the subject „Senior System Engineer” to e-mail laura@enjoyrecruitment.lv
NB! Please note that we will contact only the candidates of the second round!
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